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Professional Kilburn carpet cleaning, just a phone call away

Carpet Cleaning Kilburn

Have you ever relied on professional Kilburn carpet cleaning services? If the answer is positive, perhaps you know the difference between your routine hoovering and expert Kilburn carpet cleaning techniques. We have a wonderful offer for you - affordable and very convenient carpet cleaning service in Kilburn, delivered on site, in your sweet home. You wonder how to cope with the persistent stains, the embedded dirt and the microbes? The solution is simple and accessible - our efficient Kilburn carpet cleaning service. Keep in mind, that our carpet cleaners Kilburn provide much deeper sanitising than you can imagine. All of our modern Kilburn carpet cleaning methods are carefully complied with the type of the fabric. There is no risk of damage. As you know there are natural, delicate, decorative, antique fabrics, that require specialised carpet cleaning Kilburn methods.

Purchasing commercial cleansers and dealing on your own with the stains is not a good idea. Experimenting with detergents and unproven Kilburn carpet cleaning techniques is risky. Play it safe and take advantage of our efficient carpet cleaning service in Kilburn.

Reach Nice and Clean Kilburn on and speak with our polite customer care representatives! They will help you to arrange your Kilburn carpet cleaning booking.

Let our carpet cleaning company in Kilburn preserve your carpet

Entrust your dirty rugs to our expert carpet cleaners Kilburn and expect amazing final results. Remember, that our trained, insured and vetted carpet cleaners in Kilburn will examine carefully the fabric before applying the sanitising method:

  • Steam Kilburn carpet cleaning method - in case you have filthy synthetic carpets, then this technique is just perfect. Thanks to steam-heat extraction, there will be no trace of embedded dust, persistent stains or microbes. The high temperature and the big pressure of the injection help for loosening all the dirtiness. Bacteria have no chance to survive, so you may be calm.
  • Dry Kilburn carpet cleaning method - many people are worried what will happen with their delicate, natural, antique and hand-knotted rugs. You may be calm, because our expert carpet cleaners in Kilburn will use dry, biodegradable detergent. There will be no moisture, that may damage the material.

Call Nice and Clean Kilburn on and book our specially tailored carpet cleaning service in Kilburn now! You deserve impeccable carpets, thoroughly disinfected and with fresh colours. Prices are affordable and competitive.

Steam Cleaning Prices:

Kilburn Carpet Cleaning
  • Bedroom £25.00
  • Living/dining room £30.00
  • Through lounge £45.00
  • Flight of stairs £25.00
  • A small rug/carpet £15.00
  • A large rug/carpet £26.00

Dry Cleaning Prices:

  • Bedroom £37.00
  • Living/dining room £45.00
  • Through lounge £67.00
  • Flight of stairs £37.00
  • A small rug/carpet £22.00
  • A large rug/carpet £39.00

Minimum charge applies for both steam and dry cleaning.

When routine tidying up and dusting are not enough, request our professional One Off Cleaning!

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